A330 Quiz Series 4 (Fire Protection System)

5 April 2022, 23:12

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#1. A330 (GE CF6) has two fire fire bottles in the engine pylon for engine fire extinguishing.

#2. Engine and APU fire warnings are provided according to ... logic.

#3. The APU fire can only be manually extinguished.

#4. Which of the following areas has a fire detection system?

#5. Which of the following areas has a fire extinguishing system?

#6. Fire detection loops in the engine are connected in .... with each other.

#7. Which fire extinguisher system is used when a fire occurs in the cabin of the aircraft?

#8. Which of the following monitors when the engine fire extinguisher bottle is discharged or has a leakage?

#9. Which of the following happens when the ENG/FIRE pushbutton switch is pushed?

#10. When the temperature in the waste bin increases to approximately ....... DEG.C fire extinguisher operates automatically.



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