Physics Quiz (Module 2)

23 December 2020, 13:40

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#1. An atom with 3 free electrons in its outer shell is said to be...

#2. What is atomic mass?

#3. The centre of gravity of an aircraft is adjusted by two weights, 10 kg and 5 ckg plaed 4m and 2 m aft of the c of g. To what position must a 20 kg weight be added to balance the c of g?

#4. When a steel bar is overstressed, what is the name of the point at which it does not return to its original form after the load is released?

#5. Two hydraulic jacks with different diameters have the same fluid pressures entering at the same rate. They will extend at...

#6. Structures designed to withstand compression are called a...

#7. Two items weighing 11kg and 8kg are placed 2m and 1m respectively aft of the C of G of an aircraft. How far forward of the C of G must a weight of 15kg be placed so as not to change the C of G?

#8. radar rotates 1 revolution each 30 seconds and uses 10J of energy each revolution. How many joules does it use in a day?

#9. An object travels 18 km in 1 minute 30 seconds. What is its average speed?

#10. Convert 100 °C to Kelvin.



How Powerful is the GE90?


    Saifullah Ibne Raiyan says:

    I’m glad that i was able to take that quiz I’m still in junior school though but i want to be an aircraft engineer so i just had an little bit of understanding, that which subjects are important to study aeronautical engineering!

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