Aircraft Technic/Gas Turbine Engine Quiz 2

23 September 2020, 06:49

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#1. Air goes 2 different ways to get pass the fan. These are ........ ?

#2. What is the correct line-up of hot section assemblies for gas turbine engines?

#3. Military purpose gas turbine engines have ............... by-pass ratio than commercial purpose gas turbine engines.

#4. What is the main reason of using in-a-row design combustion chamber and turbine in tanks and some helicopters unlike using side-by-side design in airplanes?

#5. How much lbs of thrust does the most powerful commercial gas turbine engine GE9X-105B1A produce at full power?

#6. The number of spools in an engine tells how many sets of compressor blades and corresponding sets of turbine blades the engine has. So which spool type is using more by gas turbine engines?

#7. Which type of turbine is most commonly used in modern gas turbine engines?

#8. ....................... are used by gas turbine engines to help airflow maximize the engine performance?

#9. Most fan noise is generated from a blade passing a shroud strut. So which fan blade design is more silent than the other one?

#10. A commercial airplane lands at speeds between 240–260 km/h. At this high speed, if airplane apply hydraulic braking, it will cause damage in the brakes. To avoid from this, which system using by gas turbine engines?



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    Andre says:

    This quiz is medium hard but not very hard

    Parmendar singh says:

    I am B2 technician with 3.5 years experience

    Joep says:

    7 out of 10

    Gary Newport says:

    #3, depends on the application, big military transports use high bypass turbofan engines. Fighters/attack A/C use lower bypass ratio engines

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    Nice quize

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    Very interesting site

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    Thanks for the reminder Aviation Knowledge my experience to me

    RAHUL KUMAR says:

    Would you please tell me about question no 9 ;(curved one)

    Rahul Kumar says:

    By the way I am From A category! Group!and i also want to know about the criteria and eligibility of A category. What kind of minor work I am going to do?

    Myron Fielding Lucas says:

    I got an 80% on the two turbine engine test and haven’t worked on turbines since 1971….

    Chidera says:

    At NCAT 8/10 is good but not too good
    I tried

    Sittichoke says:

    Good exam

    Pascal says:

    Where does 144.300 comes from?

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