Aircraft Mechanic Salaries by State (The Highest 5 States)

31 August 2020, 21:46

The aircraft mechanic is responsible for the repair, inspection and maintenance of aircraft. Among the requirements for such an employee, the ability to identify and correct electrical and mechanical failures of the aircraft, including brakes, landing gear and engine, clearly stands out. This kind of work requires you to have advanced troubleshooting skills. The applicant must have a detailed mindset, be able to dissect the problem into pieces and put it together.

To become an aircraft mechanic in US, a candidate must have a degree and complete an internship with an aircraft manufacturer, operator, or engineering company. An important aspect of the qualification of mechanics in aviation is the ability to work on different types of aircraft or specialize in a specific narrow area. Specialists in this profession should be permanently aware of new products and standards in the industry.

The Highest 5 States

1. Kentucky: Ranks first worldwide with an average salary of $79,590.

2. Nevada: The second-ranked state is Nevada, with an average salary of $ 76,310.

3. Georgia: With an average salary of $ 76,310, Georgia is on our third-place list.

4. Colorado: The fourth-ranked state is Colorado with an average salary of $ 73,130.

5. Texas: Last on our list is Texas with an average salary of $ 63,860.

Source: www.zippia.com


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    It is per year?

    Jessey Baba Fada says:

    I love this,i am an aircraft engineering student of Airforce institute of technology,kaduna ,Nigeria. I want to learn more

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