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Why Does Airbus Beluga Have Yoke Instead Of Side Stick ?

Airbus has a multinational company culture that includes Germany, France, The United Kingdom and Spain in the manufacturing.

During the production process, the fuselage, wing, nose, landing gear and doors are assembled in different countries. So Airbus developed Beluga to provide logistics for parts of the aircraft between countries.

Beluga with a cargo capacity of 47 tons and a cargo volume of 1210 m³ made its first flight on September 13, 1994 and Airbus produced 5 Belugas in total.



Airbus’ first fly-by-wire experience was realized between 1980-1987 with the A320 Aircraft. Airbus which started to use side stick after Fly-by-wire technology, used yoke like Boeing in its predecessor A300 and A310 models.

Beluga; also known as the A300-600ST is a cargo airplane which is a variation of the A300-600R, developed for high volume cargo transportation. However, the situation is different for the Beluga XL. Let’s check some characteristic features of Beluga:



Beluga XL; produced after Beluga, is a different variation of A330-300 with fly-by-wire technology and therefore side sticks were used.

The Beluga XL, which was produced to take over the transportation from the Beluga made its first flight on July 19, 2018. Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engine is used in 5 XL aircraft produced in total. Some of the characteristics of the Beluga XL are as follows:

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