Propeller Quiz

29 October 2020, 06:40

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#1. In Which Situation Fine Pitch Is Chosen ?

#2. In Windmilling Situation, Propeller Has

#3. Why Propeller Blades Are Manufactured Twisted ?

#4. What Angle Are The Propeller Blades In ''Feather'' ?

#5. How To Avoid The Negative Aerodynamic Effect Caused By Blade Tips In Multi-Engine Aircraft?

#6. What Is The Propeller Slip ?

#7. Aerodynamic Correction Factor Is Used To Set ..........

#8. Using A Reduction Gear Allows The Blades to work at ..............

#9. What Is Synchronisation System Used For ?

#10. How Electrical Power Is Transmitted To The Propeller Used For Ice Protection ?


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