A330 Quiz Series 2 (Auto Flight)

17 April 2021, 00:37

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Aircraft Technic


#1. There are two Flight Management Guidance and Envelope Computers (FMGECs). FMGECs are...

#2. It makes sure that the lateral asymmetry situation is detected by comparing the left and right engine thrusts.

#3. A/THR white when...

#4. Where are the FMGECs located?

#5. Which computers compute the aircraft gross weight and center of gravity (CG) position data?

#6. The FCPCs (Flight Control Primary Computers) send a detection signal to the ........... for alpha floor protection.

#7. Autopilots control to keep the aircraft on the runway centerline after touch-down.

#8. FMGEC can be reset from the overhead panel in the cockpit.

#9. Which of the following is not included in FMGEC 1 (Flight Management Guidance and Envelope Computer 1)?

#10. Flight Control Unit provides a ...... interface between the crew and the Flight Management Envelope and Guidance Computers.


A330 Quiz Series 1 (General Overview)


    Abbey De Leon says:

    Still remebered something for being in HAECO HK Line Maintenance for 6 Years.

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