Aerodynamic Quiz 3

23 March 2021, 15:07

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Aircraft Technic


#1. The imaginary straight line which passes through an aerofoil section from leading edge to trailing edge is called

#2. Wing tip vortices create a type of drag known as

#3. As the angle of attack is increased (up to the stall point), which of the following is correct?

#4. When an aircraft is in straight and level unaccelerated flight, which of the following is correct?

#5. When air flow velocity over an upper cambered surface of an aerofoil decreases, what takes place?

#6. With an increase in altitude under I.S.A. conditions the temperature in the troposphere

#7. Stability of an aircraft is

#8. With reference to altimeters QFE is

#9. ................................. set the center of gravity to the effective position. (by transferring fuel from the trim tank to the wings or opposite)

#10. Under the ICAO “Q” code there are which three settings?


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