Electric Jet Engine Developed

1 June 2020, 23:58

The number of electric car users is growing rapidly. Scientific research continues for electric jet engines. Although it is still a prototype, it will help reduce carbon impact in aviation. Electric jet engines will be needed because fossil fuels are unsustainable.

Only an electric powered jet engine was developed by a research team. The engine, created by researchers from the Institute of Technological Sciences at Wuhan University in China. The jet engine compresses air and ionizes it using microwaves. Ionized air creates the plasma that drives the engine.

It is stated that the team wants to realize the project due to the global warming problem. In the event of the project, only electricity and air will be sufficient for jet engines.

Jet engines using fossil fuels are part of climate change. It will be effective for slowing down climate change with electric jet engines.

It is estimated that traveling in the near future with electric planes. It is wondering whether aircraft designs will change due to electric jet engines.

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