Japanese Private Space Rocket Failed

17 June 2020, 09:22

Countries need to allocate huge budgets to go to space. Investments are made by private companies in this area. Private companies strive to reduce the cost of going to space.

Scientists think space research will accelerate if cost is reduced. The Japanese Company Interstellar Technologies’ MOMO F-5 rocket was being developed to go into space for a while.

The MOMO F-5 rocket launched on Saturday. There was a failure of unknown reason before going into space. The rocket crashed due to a malfunction.

Just 11.5 Kilometers

The rocket was launched from Hokkaido Japan. The rocket is 30-foot long and 2200 lbs in weight. The malfunction occurred 70 seconds after the launch of the rocket.

The MOMO F-5 rocket has reached only 11.5 kilometers far below the target set at 100 kilometers. According to the news, it is stated that a new MOMO rocket has begun to be developed.

You can watch Momo F-5 rocket launch video again.

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