Passengers Can Automatically Land The Plane With The Push Button

1 November 2019, 17:25

We know that autonomous flight developments have been going on for a long time.

The Vision G2 business jet, officially introduced by Cirrus Aviation, has taken a significant step forward in autonomous flight.

Thanks to the technology called Safe Return, the aircraft will be able to land safely in an emergency such as something happens to the pilot.  After the emergency occurs, the authorities will be informed and will be able to determine the nearest runway and land safely.

The Vision G2

The Vision G2 can reach over 300 knots at a height of 31,000 ft.  Passenger capacity is 7 people.

So, what is this technology called Safe Return? 

This technology, called a safe return, can be used if something happens to the pilot and is unable to land the plane.  When one of the passengers hit the Safe Return Autoland button located on the ceiling of the aircraft so that passengers can easily reach it, the authorities are informed and the aircraft automatically starts the procedures for landing after determining the nearest runway.

Safe Return Tuşu

During the landing, passengers are informed about the landing status by voice and video.  After a successful landing, passengers can safely leave the aircraft with the assistance of emergency teams.

Even in the event of all disaster scenarios except the automatic landing system, the aircraft can be lowered slowly with the parachute system it carries.

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