What is The Electronic Warfare System ''HAVA SOJ'' ?

13 June 2020, 17:23

HAVA SOJ system provides to detecting and tracking radar and communication systems of enemy. HAVA SOJ (Stand-Off-Jammer) System confuses and deceives signals of radar and communication systems. Advanced warplanes, laser guided rockets and other ammunition of enemys can be very effective but HAVA SOJ systems can deactivate all of these by confusing electronic signals. Also HAVA SOJ blocks to communicate with each other of enemy troops by confusing signals.


There are these systems in few countries in the world. And few country have been manufacturing this system. HAVA SOJ system is produced and developed by ASELSAN (Military Electronics Industry) and TUSAŞ (Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc) in Turkey. ASELSAN had manufactured and developed to KARA SOJ systems as firstly. KARA SOJ systems have been integrated to military vehicles. We can think to HAVA SOJ as KARA SOJ integrated to aircrafts.


Project Aircraft

ASELSAN (Military Electronics Industry) has been producing and developing this system. And TUSAŞ (Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc) has been leading to integration of system to the aircraft. HAVA SOJ system will be integrated to  BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 6000 BUSINESS JET. The first aircraft of project has 9854 manufacturing number. This aircraft can reach to 984 km/h speed. Range of project aircraft is 11.112 km. This project aircraft can stay throughout 10 hours in the air without refueling. (Other countries can produce these systems as different. And they can use these systems in different types of aircrafts). These factors have been effective when companies choose type of  aircraft for this project.

Antennas of project aircraft

External and Internal Structure of Project Aircraft (Antennas)

Companies that developing the system will apply modification to aircraft. Companies will place many consoles and equipments of system to inside of aircraft. Operators will study here. There are many special antennas and many systems on the outer structure of aircraft. For example; There is a big antenna under the nose of aircraft. This antenna is passive ESM/ELINT. Its duty is to providing electronic intelligence. There are SIGINT antennas in front of main landing gears. Its duty is signal intelligence. Big protrusion in the over of aircraft is SATCOM antenna. And many antennas like these takes places on the aircraft.

Also all of these antennas disrupt to aerodynamic structure of aircraft. Therefore there are additional stabilizing fins in the empenenge for providing support to aerodynamic structure of aircraft.



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