Why on earth would a plane need a horn?

2 September 2020, 11:15

Are you interested? Then let’s find out where the horn is on the plane!

In fact, as such, the signal in the plane is not provided. Judge for yourself, what would it be there for? After all, in the air, the board is alone, and during taxiing, the engines make so much noise that in the cockpit of the ship ahead, the pilots would definitely not hear anything.

However, a device similar to a horn in an airplane still exists and is even sometimes used. The fact is that when the aircraft is serviced on the ground, the pilots keep in touch with the ground staff. And to avoid using a walkie-talkie-use a special “phone”.

The person operating the ship has special headphones that are connected to the connector next to the landing gear. Thanks to these headphones with a microphone, the pilot and the ground can talk directly to each other. For example, if the pilots need to know something about the current readiness of the aircraft for flight.

So, the ground staff is not always connected to this connector. And the pilot somehow needs to contact the ground, not run down there. That is why there is a special button in the cockpit, when you click on it, a loud sound begins to sound from the landing gear, like a horn calling a caller on the ground.

So, it is this horn that pilots can sometimes use when taxiing.

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