World's Most Heat-Resistant Material Can Use For Aviation

5 June 2020, 08:41

A new ceramic material has been created by scientists from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) MISIS in Russia. It is stated that this material has the highest melting point.

This material can be used on the nose, wing tips and engines of aircraft. It is known that the new material will be of great importance in aviation and space.

Reusable Space Planes

Space agencies like NASA are trying to develop reusable space planes. Thanks to reusable aircraft, space travel costs will be reduced. In order for the spacecraft to be reused, it is very important that the material is heat resistant. It is wondering whether new ceramic materials will be used or not.

While entering and exiting the atmosphere during space travel, the temperature of the wings can reach 2.000 degrees C. On the wing tips, the temperature can reach 4,000 degrees C.

New improvements are being made to measure temperatures above 4,000 degrees. As is known, new systems are needed to measure temperatures above 4000 degrees.

Measurements made by different methods show that the new material can withstand 4000 degrees C.

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