Aircraft Systems Quiz 1

27 November 2020, 12:10

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#1. A fuel cross-feed valve is lubricated...

#2. How is damage to the nose cone of an aircraft prevented during a lightning strike?

#3. ILS marker beacon lights are...

#4. Dutch role is movement in...

#5. Pitot tubes are heated...

#6. Aircraft emergency escape slides are usually pressurised with...

#7. A thermal relief valve is fitted to a hydraulic system to...

#8. On large modern transport aircraft, the windshield wiper system is...

#9. Aquaplaning can be reduced by...

#10. In ILS, the glideslope provides...


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    Daniel says:

    Nice questions

    Daniel says:

    Nice questions!!!

    Mr. Narath Thuon says:

    Nice question

    Syed says:

    I was interested in quiz pls everyday ask questions brother

    Barnabas says:

    I want to be a flighter man or even an airplane maker or engineer but no one to bust me, please any one who can help me, I need your help……

    Sukanta Chakraborty says:

    Xcellent quize

    Daniel Cohen says:

    Outstanding refresh

    Doug the Instructor Captain says:

    The answer to question #9 is simplistic and not entirely accurate. An aircraft tire will aquaplane at or above a speed equal to nine times the square root of the tire pressure. Since airliner tires are pressurized to 200 psi with gaseous nitrogen the aquaplaning speed for the aircraft is then: approximately 111 knots, which is above Vref for most airliners. Therefore the tire will aquaplane at touchdown on a wet runway. Your goal is to get the aircraft below aquaplaning speed, and while antiskid will give you some deceleration while aquaplaning, deployment of ground spoilers and employment of reverse thrust will give you far more decelaration and end aquaplaning much earlier.

    Meqbool Tahir says:


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