Can you survive in the landing gear of a plane?

19 June 2020, 20:03

It is known that many people from the past to the present have been trying to travel secretly by plane. There are extremely interesting events in history. Among these events, it is seen that there are even people trying to travel in the landing gear compartment of the aircraft.

Although it is considered impossible, there are people traveling in the landing gear compartment without any major damage. But technically, it seems impossible to survive in the landing gear compartment.

Landig Gear Compartment

Extreme Conditions in Landing Gear Compartment

People take the risk of death when traveling in the landing gear compartment. Hypoxia may occur due to low oxygen pressure. If hypoxia occurs, people lose consciousness. If it is extremely cold, it can cause hypothermia.

On modern passenger planes, landing gear retracts after takeoff. While the landing gear is retracting, the person in the landing gear compartment can be crushed. It can not resist the strength of the moving parts in the landing gear with human muscle power.

During the flight, the air temperature can drop to -63 degrees celsius. At 18,000 feet, the human body is hypoxied due to partial or complete lack of oxygen. As a result of hypoxia, vision loss and dizziness may occur.

When traveling at cruising altitude (33,000 feet or higher), artificial pressure is required for the lungs to breathe normally.

Landing gear doors open again before landing. When the landing gear doors are opened, the person inside may fall and die.

Despite all these conditions, it is known that there are people who complete the journey without dying.

Landing Gear Survival Stories

What do you think about this subject? In our next article, we will talk about how people survive despite all this.

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