The Highest Number Of Passenger Transport Record In One Flight

8 February 2021, 09:24

Airbus A380, which is the largest passenger airplane ever produced and has a maximum passenger capacity of 853 passengers lost the record of carrying the most passengers at once to the Boeing 747, which can carry a maximum of 624 passengers on a non-commercial flight on May 24, 1991.

When parameters such as maximum take-off weight, seat capacity and thrust are considered, it is obvious that a 747 cannot carry more passengers than an A380. Unlike a 747 passenger airplane that already had this title. It was a cargo airplane.


When the seat of the president of Ethiopia was shaken by the rebels in 1991, the country lost its stability because of this internal turmoil, Israel carried out a military operation to take the Jews from Ethiopia and bring them to Israel. The name of this operation was Operation Solomon.

The government of Israel evacuated 14,325 people in 36 hours with 35 C130s belonging to the air force and a 4X-ELE registered Boeing 747 Aircraft belonging to the EL AL company.

One of these flights was the record flight on May 24, 1991 that carriying 1088 people at once. (According to the official statement of Ethiopia, 1122 people and according to the Guinness Records, 1088 people)

According to the Guinnes Records website, two babies were born on the airplane. In order to reach the maximum number of passengers, all seats on the airplane were removed and passengers were not allowed to take any luggage with them, except their clothes and cooking utensils.


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