What Is The HEPA (High Efficiency Air Particulate) Filter?

HEPA means to High Efficiency Air Particulate. HEPA filter purifies to dusts , carbondioxide , moisture inside of air in spesific area. HEPA filter doesnt just purify to these ,ıt purifies to all kinds of particles.(For example ; like bacterium , fungus , virus clusters ). HEPA filters were first used in research laboratories, and they were used to radioactive particles.

HEPA filters absorb to all kinds of particles can harm to people in the cabin or cockpit of aircraft if we are think to spesific area as cabin or cockpit of aircraft.

HEPA filters absorb to %99.9 of detrimental particles in airflow. Also particles are purified by HEPA filters can be small until to 0.1-0.3 micron. These values ​​shows could be how much  to sensitivy of HEPA filters. Materials in HEPA filters absorb to dust and particle of dirt with three ways .These ways impact, interception, diffusion. These ways related to movement of the partıcles.

These filters buılt with advanced filtration technology.

Three Ways of Absorb To Dust
What Is A HEPA Filter?

Structures of HEPA filters

Many parts fall within structure of HEPA filters.

There are prefilter element, main filter element, molecular filter element (for spesific gases), activated carbon filter element, ultravıolet, ıonızer and such in the structure of HEPA filter.

Filter elements in the structure of HEPA filter have been manufacturing from material of carbon and such.

Structure of HEPA Filter
Structure of HEPA Filter

Application of HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are used in aircrafts , cars , hospitals and so many places in our daily life.

HEPA filters are very important in the sector of aviaton. Systems of HEPA filters are used in many of aircrafts on today. Similars systems of HEPA filters are used in aircrafts without HEPA filters. Systems of filtrations  must be in aircrafts. Because it is necessary  for circulation of air in cabin or cockpit of aircraft.

These are provided by system of filtration.

(These operations provide to saving of air.The polluted air is threw to atmosphere  and clean air is pressed to cabin after this process.But if system of HEPA filter is used polluted air is cleaned and pressed to cabin of aircraft as clean again. Saving of air is provided like this.)

Quality of airflow in aircrafts of airlines must be accordıng to identified standarts by authorities.This standarts ensure to use of HEPA filters.

Combination of Aircraft And HEPA Filter-Typical HEPA Filters

Are HEPA Fılters Enough For Prevent To Diseaes ?

For example ; HEPA filters have got to capacity of can purify particles of corona virus or any virus.Particles of virus are very small but HEPA filter can purify to particles of virus despite to this.

Because HEPA filters are  very powerful and sensitive.

Even if HEPA filters purify to particles of corona virus or any virus from air in the a closed area ,ıt is not enough to alone. HEPA filters prevent to spread of virus with by air. People should make an effort for prevent to spread of virus completely. For example; social distance, touched surfaces, masks, gloves, and such.

For example;we can breathe as clean by HEPA filters in the closed a area. Our rate of get sick by air is less because of HEPA filter in the closed a area. But if  you are put your fingers to your mouth after you touched to any surface ,you gets to sick easily. Thus Effect of HEPA filter is useless in the closed a area .

So we should be helper to HEPA filters for prevent to spread of diseases.

Service of HEPA Filter

If we dont service to hepa filter for a long time, it can clog.Therefore we should service to HEPA filter at a specified times.Specified times are determined by manufacturers of HEPA filters.Everything about service of HEPA filters are in documents of related HEPA filter.




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