A330 Quiz Series 1 (General Overview)

6 February 2021, 18:32

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#1. A330-200 tail height is higher than A330-300 tail height. True or false?

A330-200 Tail Height: 18.23 m

A330-300 Tail Height: 16.91 m

#2. Where is the attitude monitor which is used for leveling?

#3. Which of the following is used in A330?

The PW1100G-JM is a member of Pratt & Whitney’s GTF engine family and powers the latest generation of narrowbody aircraft, the Airbus A320neo. (source:  https://www.mtu.de/maintenance/commercial-aircraft-engine-services/engine-portfolio-mro/narrowbody-and-regional-jets/pw1100g-jm/)

#4. Which of the following is correct for the jack points on the landing gear?

2 jacking points on each MLG
1 jacking point on NLG

#5. What is the type of A330 bulk cargo door?

A plug door is a door that is bigger than the opening. It fits into the door frame and the aircraft pressurization keeps the door sealed.

A non-plug door is held closed by latches, rollers and/or hooks. They mechanically lock the door in place.

#6. Which of the following is the pressurized zone in the A330 aircraft?

#7. A330-200's length is longer than A330-300. True or false?

#8. There are 8 main zones on the A330. 700 zone?

100: Lower Fuselage
200: Upper Fuselage
300: Stabilizers
400: Nacelles/Pylons
500: Left Wing
600: Right Wing
700: Landing Gear
800: Doors

#9. What does "B" mean in panel number 196 AB?

#10. What is the hydraulic system pressure in normal operation?


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