Gas Turbine Engine Quiz 4

12 February 2021, 13:01

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Aircraft Technic


#1. On an axial flow, dual compressor turbofan engine, the fan turns the same speed as the

#2. A turbo jet engine gives

#3. As subsonic air flows through a convergent nozzle, the velocity

#4. Bleed valves are normally spring loaded to the

#5. ............reduces the temperature and the thermal expansion around the HP and LP turbine

#6. VBV's (Variable Bleed Valves) are

#7. Ignition Exciters input and output voltages are

#8. Operating sequence of components at engine start

#9. Engine Pressure Ratio

#10. If fire handle is released, LP fuel valve .........


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    GRAHAM SMITH says:

    Denpends on who engines the questions are base, ignitors 24v in 4400v at ignitors on RR

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