Aircraft Technic/Landing Gear Quiz 1

8 September 2020, 09:28

#1. Tubeless tyres are stored...


#2. A tyre specification 32x10.75-14. What does the 10.75 refer to?


#3. Fuse plugs in aircraft tyres are...

#4. Aquaplaning can be reduced by...

#5. Why is a hydraulic damper fitted to a nose wheel steering system?

#6. When the landing gear is locked up, the cockpit indicator shows...

#7. Excessive wear in the shoulder area of an aircraft tyre is an indication of...

#8. The purpose of a mechanical sequence valve is to ensure the operation of...



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    raju ale says:

    Queation #3
    the fuse plugs are for over temperature protection, rather than over pressure.

    Mohamed says:

    Nitrógeno did not help to Fire

    benjamin santoa erni expectacion expectacion says:

    refreshing minds

    Sami says:

    Nice question

    Adel says:

    Fuse plug are for over temperature protection. In which when the temprature goes up the pressure also goes up so the temperature will melt the plug and release the pressure before the tire explodes.

    Ugur says:

    Fuseplug melts if overtemperature occurs and its goal is to prevent overpressure due to overtemperature.

    Taha says:

    Tank for quez

    ugur says:

    Fuse plugs help to prevent to burst tyres due to over-pressurized caused by overtemperature. These temperature degrees; 155(red), 177(green), 199(yellow).

    Ahmed says:

    Because nitrogen gas no inflammable and no humidity chemicals process , nitrogen molecule constantly shape in hight or down temperate .

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