Guess the airplane part 3 ''Details''

2 December 2020, 13:22

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#1. Which 747 is this?

#2. Nice landing gear! So which vintage Boeing has that?

#3. An Airbus went to the dentist, but which of them?

#4. So hard? Dont worry, this one going to be easier!

#5. Pretty tailskid! But not looking like a 737, so which is?

#6. They looking pretty happy, but in which airplane?

#7. Concorde was such a beautiful plane, wait... what?

#8. Cool cabin view, but in which airplane?

#9. From a big boy, or biggest?

#10. Last turn! An Airbus or a Boeing?


Aircraft Technic / Guess the aircraft – Quiz 1 (Click)


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    Nice knowledge

    Havis says:

    All Quiz good quastion

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