Funniest Questions Ever Asked About Aviation

26 August 2020, 18:17

1- Adjust my seat…

The pax: Can you adjust my seat please?
Me: Yes of course, what’s the issue with your seat mam?
The pax: Well, I don’t feel comfy like when I m driving my car…
Me: Ok… I see… But you’re not the driver on this flight mam.

2- Wing seat…

Once onborad my little 03 years old kid sitting next to window wing seat asked me.
Dady! If seats are full then why don’t they use empty wings for extra passengers. They are wasting such a large space!
I laughed alot and explained him why.

3- Sharpening the blades…

While dressing a propeller… Someone asked… Oh, so you are sharpening the blades so that the aircraft can go faster?

4- Helium

Overhearing a conversation awaiting boarding…
“I wonder what type of Helium they put in the tires on the landing Gear” sqwashiito

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5- Look look it is turning!

In a flight with a student: Do the ailerons move the airplane while taxiing?
No they don’t, just use your feet to move it and ailerons into the wind just in cause the wind pushes the wing.
But look, I am moving the ailerons and the airplane is turning!
There’s a lot of wind plus the taxiway is cambered in order to get rid of the water.
It can’t be that, look at this, LOOK LOOK IT IS TURNING!!
I couldn’t laugh harder, he also did laugh afterwards.

5- Where?

No one
Literally no one
The one beside me: where do you want to go?
(internal screaming: Aren’t we on the same flight ?)

6- Need mechanics?

I have heard… Why do aircraft need mechanics? I didn’t know they break!

7- How?

My uncle said the aircrafts tyres are spinning by the engine power and then how it continues to move forward when it takes off?

8- Parachute

My friend asked me: Buddy, if airplane’s engine broke down, can we parachute of airplanes door?

9- Shift gear!

Some people asked me “Are pilots shift gears like cars during flight? Do airplanes have gearboxes like cars?” I tried hard for not to laugh especially when thought about a pilot clutchig and shifting gear during flight.

10- Petrol or diesel?

What is the fuel used in an aircraft petrol or diesel?

11- Lost!

Does the pilot ever lost his way to his destination?

12- Yes, they have horn.

Why planes do not have a horn?

13- R!

Is there a reverse gear on the plane?

14- Tank!

What happens if we remove toilet tank?

15- Flap like a bird!

Friends daughter asked why planes don’t flap like a bird. I didn’t even know where to start.

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