In Which Situations Are Airplanes Greeted by the Water Salute?

It is an emotional airport traditionally greeted with water.

22 July 2019, 15:56

It is an emotional airport traditionally greeted with water. I’m sure many people have encountered similar videos. Two fire trucks squeeze into the air at the edge of the taxiway and the plane passes under the water bridge.

This activity is known as a kind of honor and respect show. This water bridge should last 2 minutes and require about 3,000 gallons (about 11,000 liters) of water. But nobody knows exactly where and how this application came from.

What events are celebrated with water salute?

  • When a company’s plane landed at a new airport for the first time.
  • When a new airplane commences commercial use.
  • The last flight of the airline’s retired captain.
  • The last flight when an airline changes its route or ends a flight to the airport for a different reason.

This event, which is even more eye-catching when viewed from the outside, has always been fascinating for passengers and aircraft crews. We hope more planes will be built and the first flight to more airports. So this tradition is always alive.

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