What's the reasoning for safety wire on aircraft?

16 January 2021, 14:17

Safety wire is used not only in aviation but also it used on different machines. Studies have revealed that screws can loosen due to vibration.

In airplanes, due to different reasons, especially vibration, the screws may tend to loosen. When we consider that screws are used in the connection of components used in aircraft, we can understand the importance of safety wire.

The use of safety wire creates a force against the loosening of the screws. There are different safety wiring methods depending on the number of fasteners. Although the methods are different, the basics are the same.

FAA AC 43.13-1B – Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices – Aircraft Inspection and Repair

Right-Handed / Left-Handed Threads

Depending on whether the screw thread is right-handed or left-handed, the safety wire should be made in the direction of tightening the screw.

The safety wiring between the two screws creates a force against loosening for both screws. When a screw turns in the loosening direction, the safety wire tries to tighten the other screw.

Safety Wire Examples


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