Reciprocating Engine Quiz

26 December 2020, 12:39

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#1. What does stroke mean?

#2. How does combustion occur in diesel engines ?

#3. .............enables valves to be opened and closed.

#4. ........ cause pollution in exhaust gasses.

#5. Some piston engines on aicrafts are turbocharged like cars. So which component controls the flow of exhaust gases to the turbine wheel?

#6. Reciprocating engines have different types. So which type of reciprocating engine has the cylinders are located on either side of a central crankshaft?

#7. One of the most popular reciprocating engine was used by Supermarine Spitfire in the history. This 27 liters beauty had 12 cyclinders in V shape with 2000 horsepower! So name it!

#8. Some type of reciprocating engines use water-methanol injection system. Which of the following is not the main reason of using this system?

#9. Which following statement is not true for radial engines?

#10. What is the main advantage of reciprocating engines?


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