Why Airplane Windows Have to Be Open During Takeoff and Landing

4 January 2021, 12:29

When you are in a flight in a commercial airplane, you might be asked for close your window blinds by a flight attendant. Actually, there are some reasons to do this task and really they have to be open. Today we are going to check it out the reasons. Lets begin.

Your safety

The first reason is you. Because if anything happens during take-off or landing, your eyes have to get used to the lights outside, therefore you can react more quickly.

When a person is in a dark enviroment, the pupils get wider to get more light to in. In a reverse situation, the pupils get smaller to block additional light.

Unfortunately, the pupils are not as fast as your plane. They need time to adapt changes in lighting. After exposure to bright outdoor sunlight, it may take up to a half an hour to adjust to dim indoor lighting.

In an emergency situation on the runway, passengers and crew may need to evacuate the plane right away. If your pupils do not adapted outdoor conditions, you may not be fully aware of your surrondings. By opening the shades during takeoffs and landings, it may be easier for individuals to safely exit the plane.


Second reason is similar to first one. Keeping blinds open could show to the side of problems occur with the engine or wings. So passengers and crew is able to see the safer side of the airplane if the airplane needs to be evacuated.

Emergency Services

Let’s move outside the aircraft. Have you ever thought that if the blinds are closed, emergency services couldn’t see what might be happening inside the aircraft? Neither smoke, nor a fire inside the cabin would be visible to emergency services from the outside.

Now you know, it’s always better to keep the window blinds open during a flight. Don’t forget, it’s not only for your safety. Your flight can be more exciting when enjoying the views of different airports and geographical locations. So, keep your eyes and windows open every time you fly!

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