Flying-V Airbus Project (Highly Energy-Efficient Long-Distance Aeroplane)

5 September 2020, 13:34

Delf University has started this project with support of KLM airlines and Airbus in the 2017.

FLYING-V project is created on a thesis written by student of Berlin University in the Airbus-Hamburg factory. Subsequently Delf University has started to developing this project under the leadership of Doctor Roelof Vos.

Entire of aviation community has been thinking this project as aircraft of future. Design of FLYING-V is different from design of other normal aircrafts. Planners is designing this aircraft project as V shape. This aircraft has a winged design. Designers are considering to positioning passenger compartment, cargo compartment and fuel tanks in the same place (so wings).

A350 is being known as the most efficient new generation jet. But when FLYING-V project is completed A350 will lose this title. Because this aircraft project will provide %20 more fuel saving according to A350. Therewithal FLYING-V project and A350 are similar in terms of technical and other spesification.

Features Of FLYING-V

Designers are planning to manufacturing FLYING-V as a high efficiency and long range aircraft. FLYING-V will provide high fuel efficiency because of its aerodynamic structure and low weight. (The biggest feature that seperates FLYING-V from A350)

Designers are thinking to design FLYING-V with 314 passenger and 160 m3 cargo capacity. Engines of this aircraft project will be located top of aircraft. FLYING-V project will has 55 meter length and 65 meter winspan. Height of project will be 17 meter.

Despite high passenger and cargo weight, aircraft project is offering high fuel efficiency because of its design .

Phase Of Project

Authorized persons have tested prototype (prototype has 3 meter wingspan) of FLYING-V. Prototype has successfully completed its 5 minutes first flight. Authorized persons have been saying needed a longer time for complete this project.

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