Flapless Aircraft Design for Safer Flight

3 June 2020, 00:18

It is aimed to reduce moving parts on the aircraft with flapless aircraft design. The new design project is being developed by the BAE Systems. The researchers state that flight safety will increase with the reduction of moving parts in the aircraft.

When mechanical systems are considered, malfunctions generally occur in moving parts. Based on this point, BAE Systems has developed a new flight control system. The new flight control system is called MAGMA.

In the new flight control system, the air taken from the engine is used to control the aircraft. Blown air from the exhaust will be used to control the aircraft without flaps.

Blown-Air Technology for Flapless Aircraft Design

The plane will be able to be controlled by the air passing through the slots around the trailing edge of the wing.

Movable flight control surfaces are among the most important parts for modern aircraft. For this reason, flight safety can become dangerous in case of a breakdown in the moving control surfaces.

The project is being developed by the BAE Systems in coordination with researchers at the University of Manchester.

We need to wait many years for the design, which is still under development, to be used in modern aircraft.

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