5 Worst Aircraft Designs

2 June 2020, 08:51

Although the safest travel route is flight, it is seen that quite scary designs were made in the past. Here are the 5 worst aircraft designs.

1- The ME-163 Komet

There was also a poor design and fuel capacity problem. The lack of a landing gear is also among the most striking features.

2- The DC-10

The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is one of the best-known aircraft of all time. Although it is a popular plane, it caused many accidents due to the design problem at the cargo door. The plane became popular again after the design problem was corrected.

3- Christmas Bullet

The Christmas Bullet was designed by Dr. William Whitney Christmas in 1918. There was no support under the wings of the plane. Unlike a normal aircraft wing, the aircraft had to flap its wings like a bird. In the first flight, the prototype crashed.

4- The Britsh BE-9

The designers of the plane believed that they could put the gunner at the forefront of the plane. But there was a problem. The propeller should be at the forefront.

5- The Ca 60 Noviplano

The Ca 60 Noviplano was designed in the 1920s. The plane had at least 9 wings. The 8 engine aircraft was designed to carry 100 passengers. The plane flew only once on the test flight. It was able to reach an altitude of 18 meters.

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