Aircraft Air Conditioning System Quiz 1 (for A320)

29 November 2020, 20:05

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#1. What is the main purpose of the air conditioning system?

#2. Which of the following is one of the air sources for the air conditioning system of the pneumatic system under normal conditions?

#3. The air used to pressurize the fuselage compartments is discharged with:...?

#4. Where is the Centralized Fault Display System (CFDS) displays for the air conditioning system located in the cockpit?

#5. In the mixer unit the fresh air from the air conditioning packs is mixed with a part of the exhaust air of the cabin for cockpit.

#6. Where is fresh air provided for the mixer unit if there is a failure in both air conditioning packs?

#7. What is the name of the flap that makes sure sufficient fresh air to the cockpit in case of a pack failure?

#8. What is the name of the pushbutton that operates the recirculation fan?

#9. In which of the following situations the fan failure is immediately displayed in ECAM?

#10. Thermo switches protect the recirculation fan from...


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    7/10 with no knowledge of any transport aircraft

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