Aircraft Maintenance Practice Quiz 2

25 November 2020, 12:59

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#1. The most appropriate fire extinguisher for an aircraft wheel and brake fire would be...

#2. A deep internal crack in a structural steel member is detected by...

#3. The resistance of a voltmeter must be...

#4. When fitting a hydraulic component, the hydraulic seal should be lubricated with...

#5. When mooring an aircraft what type of rope should be used?

#6. If ice and snow is found on the wings of an aircraft. Before flight the...

#7. Why are test or inspection instruments regularly calibrated and certified?

#8. Who is responsible for ensuring that weight and balance instrumentation is serviceable before use?

#9. Why are some components torque loaded?

#10. Which of the following is a 'Bilateral Tolerance?


Aircraft Maintenance Practice Quiz 1 (Click)


    Charles Onyango says:

    Exciting brain storming queries

    chris says:

    just trying

    Mohamed says:

    Many thanks. It’s very important

    Anasuyeswar says:


    Tobi says:

    More of this should be done thanks

    John Rovic E. Masajo says:

    thanks !

    Ken says:


    Fionnan O Brien says:

    I like to know alot about everything

    Fionnan O Brien says:

    I’d like to debate the issues with question 9.
    It could be either answer from a couple of reasons.

    Audu Bartholomew says:

    Again cool


    Nice. More quiz anticipated

    Hashim Azizi says:

    I am aircrafts technician and have 18 years work experience on shop and line maintenance……

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