Aircraft Maintenance Tools Quiz

23 October 2020, 09:15

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#1. Aircraft wheel change dolly?

#2. Flap slat lever locking tool?

#3. Aircraft waste line cleaning?

#4. Aircraft engine cradle and trolley?

#5. Thrust reverser cowl opening hand pump?

#6. Safety wire twister?

#7. Cargo door actuator safety locking tool?

#8. Static port covers?

#9. Nose landing gear dolly?

#10. Lubrication grease gun?


Aircraft Technic Maintenance Practice Quiz 1

Aircraft Technic


    mateo says:


    Mario says:

    Question #3 right answer is the hydraulic cart from TESTFUCHS (would like to see that being done)
    Question #4 right answer is a trolley with no lifting/lowering function (not even in Russia)

    Noureddine says:

    Can u help us about sheet metal or composite material repair

    Noureddine says:

    What about sheet metal or composite material repair

    Edwin says:

    Yes I’m trained airframe technician

    Khan says:

    Why we change gaskets and seals in every opening?

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