How much aluminum is in a 747?

10 October 2020, 05:13

Aluminum, which is widely used in the industry can sometimes be a structural element of an airplane as it covers our baked food.

Aluminum, which has been frequently used in aircraft since the first plane made by the Wright brothers, seems to be replaced by composite materials in the future (for example, the body of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft is composite), Although, it is still the most important parts of aircraft.

B787 Materials

Why Aluminum is Used to Build Airplanes?

Aluminum is so important; It is related to the contribution to the manufacturing methods and service life of the aircraft.

The easy shaping of aluminum during the manufacturing process makes the process easier. Besides, its weight-strength performance is quite good.

It is resistant to corrosion. It has higher strength, such as steel, and is more prone to stretch than heavy metals.

A boeing 747-400 type airplane with 6 million parts, 71 meters long, 64 meters wingspan and 270 kilometers of cable, weighs approximately 185,000 kilograms, of which approximately 75,000 kilograms is aluminum.

The fact that 52 million kilograms have been used for only 747-400 produced in 694 units to date, and the enormous number of alumina metal’s need for aviation is revealed.

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