Invisible air shields will save from coronavirus on the plane

19 August 2020, 17:13

The invisible system is intended to act as an air shield or barrier between each passenger, providing lightness and safety.

As the world slowly tries to return to normal and one big step is to make air travel safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several options have been suggested, such as screens in aircraft. And EasyJet from Seattle in the US says it’s all about ventilation. Teague offered its solution for safe air travel.

The AirShield design is designed to limit coughing and sneezing to just one passenger seat; the one where the person is sitting. The air is then directly captured and filtered in the new Teague aircraft filtration system.

Trying to find a quick, effective, and easy-to-install solution was paramount for the Teague team. This is why AirShield can be 3D printed and easily attached to an existing aircraft air conditioner.

Thus, when a traveler inhales, hacks or sniffles, beads of water fume are contained in that traveler’s space and are quickly sent out for the count of the lodge to the HEPA filtration units before they can enter the individual space of the following traveler, Teague says.

It is expected that the invisible system will fill in as an air shield or obstruction between every traveler, giving simplicity and security.

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