Flight after COVID-19: Hygiene shields in economy class

28 August 2020, 10:36

An Italian aircraft manufacturer has proposed a new concept for commercial flights after COVID-19; Glassafe aims to separate passengers in a socially distanced environment.

While airlines are looking for new ways to help passengers’ practice social distance on commercial flights, an Italian aviation design company has unveiled a new product that could change the face of economy class flying forever. To answer the challenge that COVID-19 presents to the commercial flight industry, Aviointeriors has developed a hygiene screen for passengers to separate each person from their neighbors.

One of the most difficult obstacles facing airlines today is finding a way to resume flights without violating the rules of social distance. Some have considered blocking the middle seats to create a distance between passengers, while others check each passenger for a COVID-19 before allowing them to board the plane.

However, none of these options is complete without a catch. Blocking middle seats will dramatically reduce air ticket revenue by a third, which will increase the cost of a flight. At the moment, testing every passenger is working, but it is unlikely that airlines will be able to scale 100% testing when the number of flights will be the same as before the coronavirus.

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