What happens if you try to open an aircraft door mid flight?

15 June 2020, 11:23

As in our other articles, we will try to explain this issue based on passenger aircrafts. Passengers wonder the answer to this question during their flight. We can say that it is the biggest question in the minds of the passengers, especially those sitting at the emergency exit doors.

What happens if you try to open plane door mid flight? At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to the importance of pressure and differential pressure.

Due to the pressure, it is not possible to open the aircraft door from the inside during the flight. So there was no need for passengers to be afraid of such an event. Passengers’ lack of information and fear of flight cause this concern.

Air pressure-sealed door / Plug Door

Plug door technology is a system that prevents aircraft doors opening during flight.

Plug door is a door that has been designed to seal itself by utilizing an air pressure differential between cabin and the outside of the airplane. The pressure inside the cabin holds the door as strongly as it is locked.

Can the door be opened by overcoming the pressure difference with manpower?

It is pressurized in a wide body passenger plane at 37,000 feet with approximately 6.5 pounds per square inch. Considering that the size of the door of an average wide body passenger plane is in the range of 1.5 – 2 square meters, we see that it is impossible to open the door with human power. In order for the door to open, a weight of more than 20,000 pounds must be overcome.

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    Abhishek says:

    And can we open the door, if the pilot depressurizes the aircraft below 10000 feets.??

    Engr Hassan says:

    Even at that flight level of 1000 ft it’s still impossible.for the door to be open in mid flight as a result of the fact that there is highl pressure different between the cabin of a pressurise aircraft
    and the external atmospheric pressuree . outside

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