Effects Of Aircraft Accidents To Aviation And Design Of Aircrafts

31 May 2020, 14:57

Many aircraft accidents are becoming for years. This accidents are being very distressing. But most of systems based in the aircraft have been occuring with by experience of this accidents. Important rules occur because of this accidents in the same time. Situated methods for protecting from accidents have been creating basics of aviation and aircraft systems.

That famous promise explains to this situations: Aviation rules written with blood.

Moment of Collide

For example, accident of collide in the air. DC-7 of United Airlines and Super Consellation of TWA collided in the air. This accident has been in 1956. The reason for the accident was pilots of aircrafts did not give notice to air traffic controllers. This accident provided support to establishment of FAA. FAA established for regulation to airspace of USA. Because this accident occured in USA. Also They renewed air traffic control system by spending 250 million dollars after this accident.

Federal Aviation Administration

Another example is accident of Comet in 1953. Comet has produced by Havilland. Comet was first aircraft equipped with turbojet engınes. But some manufacturing mistakes caused a accident in1953. This mistake was on the windows of aircraft. Edges of windows were straight. Therefore pressure has been accumulating in this edges. Accumulated pressure had been causing to cracks after a specific time. Many accident had been because of this mistake after first accident. This mistake determined by accident scientists, as a result of researchs. Windows of Comets started to produce with eliptical edges subsequently. Thus effects of accumulated pressure had reduced after from design of this windows.

Havilland – Comet

This accidents are a experience for life of aviation and aircrafts consequently.

Many of accidents like these have been causing to take many decisions and producting of new aircraft systems.

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