Why Are New Airplanes Green?

6 June 2020, 19:34

Many people who do not work in the aviation industry are wondering why new planes are green.

First of all, it is necessary to say that green color is not chosen by designers. Green zinc chromate or zinc phosphate primer is applied to prevent corrosion on the aluminum surface. Since the anti-corrosion chemical and primer are used on all newly produced aircraft, all new aircraft look green.

What Does Different Shades of Green Mean?

Manufacturers can use different primers. The use of different primers can cause a difference in the shade of the green. It is seen that some of the aircraft produced in recent years also have blue zones. We understand that composite materials are used in blue areas.

From Automotive to Aviation

Zinc chromate was first used by Ford Motor Company in the 1920s.

After being used in automobiles, it was used in commercial aviation and then in military aircraft.

Also did you know that newly produced planes are called “green planes”?


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